Demand Forecasting


Need to have better visibility into your sales? A N A L Y T I K Z   F O R E C A S T  I  N G   S Y S T E M is all about knowing where your sales are coming from, so that you can:

  • better plan your production and your warehousing;
  • fulfill your customer orders on time ;
  • lower lost inventory
  • know which markets to concentrate on.
  • Anticipate your sales, plan your production in advance, make more of what you sell when you need it, lower waste stocks.

O U R    F O R E C A S T I N G     P R O C E S S

Historical Sales data is collected and put into our proprietary  3–dimensional database : PROD x GEO x TIME. This gives you the ability to consolidate your sales data by : product, product line, city, customer, province, country and market defined in weekly, monthly time buckets, and gives you quick VISIBILITY into what’s happening WHERE, WHEN and to WHAT.

  • Accepts manager or market input: Promotional events, awards, market forces  (e.g. your product wins an award, sales are seasonal) can be inputted manually.
  • Create consensus forecast process, gain input from market managers or event organizers, sign-off and push forecast to production.

About Analytikz-FOKO solutions

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The Analytikz ERP system can manage all the operations of a business, providing a real-time, zoom-in/zoom-out reporting on a company's operations. This visibility and level of control is the first step in understanding the dynamics and elasticity of your business operations. All sales, purchases, inventory movements, client records and transactions, employee scheduling, resource allocations, production planning, inventory and prospecting activities are tracked, managed and reported on. It can also handle accounting, purchasing, logistics and manufacturing (transformation) should the need arise.

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