IT Development

Customized, tailor-made, enterprise-wide solutions. ERP, CRM, MRP, IM, PLM, DM, Communications Systems... Whether you're looking to manage inventory, production, sales or marketing, we can implement the systems you need.

  Decision Planning

Decide and don't guess! Get the business intelligence tools you need, to have the visibility into your operations and the data consolidation and reporting you need to make optimal decisions. 

  Business I.Q.

Link systems and data to get real-time visibility into your operations, read market response, optimize product life-cycles, forecast sales, plan production and collaborate with your customers and suppliers.


ANALYTIKZ CONSULTING uses the power of Analytics and Information Technology to liberate your business potential. Our Business Consultants and our staff of IT engineers will work with you to determine the solution you need.

Our strengths come from leveraging the proper technology and understanding to meet our clients' business needs. Whether it's a game theory decision model you need, IT support or development, or how to meet demand or smoothen your supply chain, we are here to walk you through the process.

We offer :

  • IT Support & Development
  • Intelligence Systems
  • Data Mining & Statistical Data Analyses
  • IT Development    
  • IT Support
  • Forecasting, and Predictive Modeling
  • Strategic Business Consulting 
  • Process Engineering
  • Game Theory and Decision Modeling
  • Data Mining & Analyses              
  • Business Process Engineering

Whether its a process enhancement, an ERP system, a call-center application, or a central backup server, we offer a full range of IT support and development services. Our dedicated staff of IT engineers are here to assist you in your business transformation. In keeping with our strong analytic tradition, we keep a staff of analysts on hand to handle all your business process and data needs.

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About Analytikz-FOKO solutions

Customized, tailor-made, enterprise-wide solutions... We are your partners in business and technology!


The Analytikz ERP system can manage all the operations of a business, providing a real-time, zoom-in/zoom-out reporting on a company's operations. This visibility and level of control is the first step in understanding the dynamics and elasticity of your business operations. All sales, purchases, inventory movements, client records and transactions, employee scheduling, resource allocations, production planning, inventory and prospecting activities are tracked, managed and reported on. It can also handle accounting, purchasing, logistics and manufacturing (transformation) should the need arise.

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