Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution

The Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution is a set of computer programs that manages backup, recovery, and verification of computer data across a network of computers and servers of different kinds. Due to its modular design, The Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution is scalable from small single computer systems to systems consisting of hundreds of computers located over a large network. In technical terms, it is a network Client/Server based backup program. The Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution offers many advanced storage management features that make it easy to find and recover lost or damaged files. It can backup to any type of media one prefers, including tape and disk.

Our solution is machine independent which means it can back up any combination of  servers or workstations to one location, be they Windows, MacOS, Solaris, CentOS, UNIX, etc.


The Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution Network Features:

  • Support for multiple platforms, including Windows clients.
  • Use tape and/or disk as storage devices.
  • Schedule different jobs at different times/days.
  • Backups that can span multiple tapes.
  • More than one backup per tape.
  • Optionally fingerprint each file as it is backed up.
  • Backup catalogs are retained within a database (SQLite or MySQL. There is also a PostgreSQL option in beta).
  • Auto-changer support.
  • Network backup/restore with centralized Director.
  • Internal scheduler for automatic Job execution.
  • Scheduling of multiple Jobs at the same time.
  • You may run one Job at a time or multiple simultaneous Jobs.
  • Job sequencing using priorities.
  • Restore of one or more files selected interactively either for the current backup or a backup prior to a specified time and date.
  • Restore of a complete system starting from bare metal. This is automated for Linux systems and partially automated for Solaris.
  • Ability to recreate the catalog database by scanning backup Volumes.
  • Console interface to the Director allowing complete control. Curses, GNOME/GTK and wxWindows versions of the Console program are available
  • Verification of files previously catalogued, permitting a Tripwire like capability (system break-in detection).
  • CRAM-MD5 password authentication between each component (daemon).
  • Catalog database facility for remembering Volumes, Pools, Jobs, and Files backed up.
  • Support for SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL Catalog databases.
  • Labeled Volumes, preventing accidental overwriting (at least by The Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution).
  • Any number of Jobs and Clients can be backed up to a single Volume.
  • Multi-volume saves. When a Volume is full, The Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution automatically requests the next Volume and continues the backup.
  • Machine independent Volume data format. FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris, and Windows clients can all be backed up to the same Volume if desired.
  • Multi-threaded implementation.
  • Mechanisms to handle arbitrarily long filenames and messages.
  • GZIP compression on a file by file basis done by the Client program if requested before network transit.

Advantages of the Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution over other Solutions 

  • Automated, secure, over-night backups of all devices on your business network to a server at your location or hosted by us.
  • Platform-independent - backs up all servers and workstations regardless of OS.
  • Since there is a client for each machine, all attributes of files are properly saved and restored.
  • Handles multi-volume backups.
  • A full comprehensive database of all files backed up permitting online viewing of files saved on any particular Volume.
  • Self-maintaining: Automatic removal of old database records simplifies database administration.
  • Scalability: The modular but integrated design makes The Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution very scalable.
  • Any user database or other application can be properly shutdown by The Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution using the native tools of the system, backed up, then restarted (all within a The Analytikz Total Network Backup Solution Job).
  • Built-in Job scheduler.
  • Efficient: Uses well defined (registered) TCP/IP ports -- no rpcs and no shared memory.

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