We offer three distinct branches of strategic business consultations:

Business Process Engineering + Game Theory Services + Decision Science Modeling

Need to set up a new office? Want to know the technology and human resource requirements? Inventory piling up? Operations too wasteful? Bottlenecks in production? Customer satisfaction down? Check out our BUSINESS PROCESS ENGINEERING SERVICES.

Need a market analysis performed? Want to know how important a causal factor demographics are in your market? Been keeping all that POS data? Want to know how to use it, to forecast, manage inventory and plan better? 



Locked in a strategic issue, conflict or negotiation? Worried about competitor reactions to an New Product Introduction(NPI) or incursion into a new market? Are you currently in litigation or run the risk of being so? Are you having labour union or governmental agency disputes?

Game Theory is what you need to get the best possible outcome of your strategic issue. Game Theory is being used by Fortune 100 companies and government agencies to help them with:

Arbitration • New Product Introductions • Conflict Resolution • Engineering corporate strategy • Labour Disputes • Forming strategic alliances and joint ventures • Negotiation • Bidding • Foreign Market Introduction • Risk Minimization

About Analytikz

ANALYTIKZ CONSULTING uses the power of Analytics and Information Technology to liberate your business potential. Our Business Consultants and our staff of IT engineers will work with you to determine the solution you need.

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19 April 2016
19 April 2016