Self-Publish-Books Systems Development and Integration

Self-Publish-Books Systems Development and Integration

  • Site Development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhP)
  • CMS Integration and Customization for different portions of site (Joomla and Wordpress)
  • Systems Integrations  - Production Systems and User interaction all automated.
  • API Creation for ONIX XML markup Bibliographic Data
  • Scripting for automatic e-book conversion from InDesign or Print-Ready Files

Automated Data & Transaction System


Automated Data & Transaction System

Babalon Books Automated Data Systems

BabalonBOOKS is dedicated to assisting academics, writers, professionals and artists reach their public.

  • E-commerce portal engine development
  • Automate Data Systems
  • Onix data productions and automated marketing broadcasts
  • Automated E-book conversions
  • Scripted synchronization with e-commerce channels (amazon, ebay, kobo, kindle, google books, apple store)

Automated Quote and Sales Systems

Automated Quote and Sales Systems

Self-Publishing Automated Systems

  • Automated quote, pricing and ordering systems.
  • Automated Account Creations and User Portal Generations with associated databases.
  • File Uploads, Book Templating and Conversion Automation

Site, ERP Development & Business Process Engineering

Cottonia Website and ERP Development

Cottonia Site, ERP Development & Business Process Engineering

  • Determining needs, requirements and making recommendations on strategic technology acquisitions for clients according to budget; implementing and deploying said technology acquisitions
  • Organizational re-design and process flow mappings for business process improvements, removal of bottlenecks, increase in market share or customer retention, reduced lead times, etc.
  • Product Introductions and Marketing Support and Website Design and Development
  • IT Support and Development: Supporting IT network infrastructure (servers, Workstations, gateway devices) and software applications.

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8th House Publishing Systems Development

Systems Development

8th House Publishing Systems Development | 

  • Website development
  • E-commerce engine development
  • Automated Marketing Systems (newsletters, membership sign-ups, customized user portal based on roles)
  • Video and Media production
  • API integration with suppliers and marketing partners
  • ERP integrations with Accounting, Inventory and Sales software engines.

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Customer Portal


Customer Portal

Benarix Website and Supplier Portal

  • Website and portal development
  • CMS development
  • Automated Registration with security and verification checks
  • Customized database portal with sales, scheduling, tracking and reporting functionalities

Customized ERP & CRM


Customized ERPs/CRMs

Customized Enterprise Resource Planning / Customer Relationship Management Software

  • Customized ERP and CRM development for client in the Energy sector.
  • Database scripting and application design aligned with customer business requirements.
  • Automation of all redundant tasks.
  • Notifications to parties based on account records
  • Remote employees, real-time logistics status.

Website and Systems Development

Website and Systems Development

Byonerga Website and Systems Development

  • Website development with back-end portal
  • Integration with Logistics APIs and Customized DB applications (e.g.customer portal) to be developed later.
  • Newsletter, flyer and other marketing collateral creation and design
  • Marketing campaigns and newsletter blasting

E-Commerce Engine and Store site development


8th House E-Commerce Engine

8th House E-Commerce Engine and Store site development

  • Installation of secure E-commerce Engine on Hosted Servers
  • Magento shell Development & Customization
  • Intergration with existing web site
  • API Integrations with merchant accounts for different payment methods
  • Customer retention and marketing practices
  • Detailed web analytics, store and customer behaviour capture engine.

About Analytikz-FOKO solutions

Customized, tailor-made, enterprise-wide solutions... We are your partners in business and technology!


The Analytikz ERP system can manage all the operations of a business, providing a real-time, zoom-in/zoom-out reporting on a company's operations. This visibility and level of control is the first step in understanding the dynamics and elasticity of your business operations. All sales, purchases, inventory movements, client records and transactions, employee scheduling, resource allocations, production planning, inventory and prospecting activities are tracked, managed and reported on. It can also handle accounting, purchasing, logistics and manufacturing (transformation) should the need arise.

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