Cottonia Website and ERP Development

Cottonia Website and ERP Development

Cottonia Site, ERP Development & Business Process Engineering

  • Determining needs, requirements and making recommendations on strategic technology acquisitions for clients according to budget; implementing and deploying said technology acquisitions
  • Organizational re-design and process flow mappings for business process improvements, removal of bottlenecks, increase in market share or customer retention, reduced lead times, etc.
  • Product Introductions and Marketing Support and Website Design and Development
  • IT Support and Development: Supporting IT network infrastructure (servers, Workstations, gateway devices) and software applications.  
  • Consultations on best-in-business practice recommendations, organizational governance policies, and Business Process Engineering.
  • Technology needs, requirements mappings and technology deployment strategies for clients in varied business practices under an array of budgetary constraints.
  • Management of all IT support and development projects, implementations, and network engineer teams.
  • Re-engineer business processes to automate redundant/repetitive tasks, optimize processes and release bottlenecks, transform business potentials and improve customer service through enhanced reactivity and response times. 
  • Took company from 64% supplier audit success to 92% approval standing by:
    •    Redesigning all business and manufacturing processes in line with BSP.
  • Created all SOP and Quality Control measures
  • Implemented all IT infrastructure within the company at minimal cost for product traceabilities… from ordering systems, inventory systems, to production planning systems. Linked these to the accounting software.
  • Developed new product lines and market.
  • Lead design and development of all marketing collateral (online and print).


22 January 2015


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